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90 years of history


Driven by a history of good

Our company timeline says a lot about what we stand for today. From helping pass historic seatbelt legislation to responding to national catastrophes, Allstate's history is proof of what rolling up your sleeves can do.

  1. Headshot of General Robert E. Wood.


    Allstate was founded by General Robert E. Wood, chairman of Sears, Roebuck & Co., to bring quality and service to auto insurance.

  2. Allstate annouced the new Allstate Merit Rating Plan.


    We introduced a sophisticated rate classification system that gave better rates to safe drivers.

  3. Women became Allstate Agents during WWII.


    During WWII, many men were on military leave. We kicked off a program that trained women to become Allstate Agents.

  4. The slogan - You're in Good Hands - was born.


    When an Allstate sales manager told a story about his sick daughter's caring physician, "You're in Good Hands" was born.

  5. The first drive-in claims office opened.


    Our first drive-in claims office opened, revolutionizing how claims are handled.

  6. Students learning to drive in the classroom.


    Just a year after its formation, The Allstate Foundation started a grant program to train thousands of educators to teach driver's ed.

  7. Allstate was the first major insurer to offer discounts to compact cars.


    We became the first major insurer to offer discounts to owners of small cars.

  8. Man holding up a seat belt in an car.


    We began working with the government on landmark driving safety legislation, like mandatory seat belts and airbags.

  9. Ann Allstate employee helping to paint a ceiling.


    The new Helping Hands program mobilized Allstate employees to volunteer in their communities.

  10. An Allstate agent outside of a Allstate agent office.


    Allstate agents became even more accessible through the Neighborhood Office Agent program.

  11. A house destroyed by a hurricane.


    After Hurricane Andrew, we formed a dedicated catastrophe response team to help when it's needed most.

  12. A business owner.


    We established the supplier diversity exchange to work with diverse business owners.

  13. An Agent helping an homeowner after a hurricane.


    We gave over $6 million to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

  14. Allstate Roadside Assistance logo.


    We began offering Good Hands® Roadside Assistance that you only pay for when you use it.

  15. Purple Purse logo.


    With the introduction of Purple Purse, we began raising awareness about domestic violence and economic abuse like never before.

  16. A woman driving a car.


    The National Safety Council honored us for our work to reduce teen car crashes. We've one of five to receive the Flame of Life Award.

  17. Allstate hosts a WE Day rally.


    We partnered up with Free the Children to hold WE Day rallies, activating youth to stand up and make a difference.

Founded in 1931, the Allstate Corporation is headquartered in Northbrook, United States

It is our mission to be the Good Hands—to help protect customers and be a force for good in our communities. To uphold that mission, we make decisions, define our values and shape our entire company culture around it.

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