Allstate Megastar: Arshi Ali

Allstate Megastar: Arshi Ali.

Lead Counsultant, ASPL India

My life started in Mumbai. It never stood still in one place, thanks to my father whose job demanded frequent transfers. Every three years, it was a new place. New school. New friends. Coping up with the change. Moving again. This had been my life, growing up. And then, my life finally found a stable ground, when I joined Allstate. Joining Allstate was a matter of sheer luck. I had been working at an office, in the same campus in Pune where Allstate has its office. Each day, as I passed by the Allstate office on my way to work, the Allstate maxim moved me — "You are in good hands." At that time, it seemed to be a bit overwhelming claim for a corporate workspace. It was not until I joined Allstate in December 2016, that I realized that every word was true.

Soon I was working with one of the most helpful and understanding management teams, who gave me the space to improve and grow. My role involves communicating with a variety of groups from the top to the average levels. I am always encouraged to put forward my ideas and make decisions. Even if I make mistakes, I have the flexibility to work on the feedback and improve for the future.

Allstate really cares for its people and sometimes I feel like it's one big family. The company has the right focus and priorities and no wonder we are certified as a Great Place to Work — CertifiedTM.

We are always told that work-life balance is important. I have been a health advocate since the beginning and I played in the Volleyball Nationals. Last year, I had the opportunity to take Zumba sessions and Desk Yoga sessions in the office where I could encourage my colleagues to be fit and take care of their health. All thanks to Allstate for the healthy environment and support for such activities.