Allstate Megastar: Baptist Lobo

Allstate Megastar: Baptist Lobo.

Consultant, ASPL India

Imagine giving an interview for your dream job with no cap or ceiling to what you can achieve. Quite literally! The Allstate office was still under construction when I appeared for the interview and instantly, I questioned myself if I've indeed made the right decision. Three years later, I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions of my life!

I've always been a free-spirited person, and whenever I'm about to join a new workplace or meet new people, I have this fearful thought- Will I have to change my ways and be a different person? But I was pleasantly surprised after only my first few days at Allstate. The organization has not only allowed, but also cherished the individuality I bring to the table. I feel empowered to take my own decisions and put forth my opinions that shows that Allstate follows its core values of care and integrity.

In my entire career, the work culture at Allstate is by far the most positive I've experienced. Employees are given constant acknowledgement and appreciation for their hard work. I was overjoyed being recognized for my efforts when I received the 'Reach for the Stars' award in February this year. The award celebrates employee contributions across the organization, and it is this progressive culture that makes employees consider Allstate as their second home.

In fact, my friends me a workaholic. The truth is that my workplace is the reason why I never feel like taking a break. However, over time I have also realized that change is important to deliver my best work. So once in a while, when a football match is on, instead of hovering upon my laptop at my work space, I take a break from work and cheer my heart out for my team - Brazil.

And now, when a new employee walks into the office, I reiterate the same thing that I learned at Allstate, "You are in good hands". For the last three years, Allstate has nurtured me and helped me grow and fulfill my career aspirations for a life full of achievements.

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