Allstate Megastar: Bhavneet Kaur

Allstate Megastar: Bhavneet Kaur.

Lead Consultant, ASPL

It is not so much about beating the obstacles that keep me going, rather about the positive feeling of finding the light at the end of the tunnel that allows me to live at my own pace, unfazed by the troubles of daily life.

After completing my higher studies, I worked in Pune for a few years and then moved to New York in 2007 where I worked at an MNC till 2015, and then came back to India to settle down with my husband.

The new innings of my life coincided with me joining Allstate Bangalore in May 2015. I had heard a lot about Allstate, and so, when I got the chance to join the organization after coming back to India, I grabbed the opportunity and what a wonderful journey it has been!

By the end of my first year at Allstate, I had a team reporting to me. This position of immense responsibility felt like a dream come true. Allstate lays great emphasis on gender diversity and I am proud to be a part of the initiatives that aim to engage more women in leadership positions and provide them with opportunities to learn and grow. Allstate acknowledged and appreciated my efforts in these fields by presenting me with the "Inclusive Diversity Champion" accolade. I am also a Toastmaster which ensures more engagement with my co-workers and makes my routine work, exciting.

A fact that makes my belief stronger about our 'Good Hands' experience comes from my manager receiving the "Manager of the Year, 2017" award, by the Times of India which motivated the entire team to excel.

Throughout my tenure at Allstate, I have matured in both my work and personal sphere. By getting to attend numerous national and international meetups, I progressed using the experiences of Allstate colleagues from around the world. This helped me realize that the work I do for Allstate impacts not only the India office but also adds to our presence in the home market.

After being seeped into work for the whole week, on weekends, I unwind and relax at home with the company of a good book and some music. The library that we have at Allstate has allowed me to dig into a varied literary world. From one such literary endeavors, I came across "The Secret" to success in life: "You are the one who calls the law of attraction into action, and you do it through your thoughts." I believe in Allstate, and see no height as unscalable.

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