Allstate Megastar: Deepmala Rajput

Allstate Megastar Deepmala Rajput.

Senior Associate -Operations, ASPL

I am a fan of the 'Chaiwala to PM' story, which highlights how someone with a simple background can rise to the helm of the country's affairs and be successful.

As someone who's spent her childhood in the welcoming city of Bhopal, my early memories are painted with beautiful pictures of spending summer vacations at daadu's house. After completing my B.Sc. in Biotech and my Masters in Technology, I started working with HSBC in Bangalore. My stint at HSBC lasted from 2014-16. I started looking for better opportunities and after researching a little about Allstate, I applied and got through, and that was start of the best years of my career.

My job entails indexing documents to claim numbers, which is a critical process as it is the first step of claims processing. Owing to the nature of the job, I have to collaborate with Allstate teams in the other part of the globe. This gives me the opportunity to learn from the home market as well. The global teams have always made me feel at home and I particularly like their collaborative approach of looking for the root cause of the problem and including every member — regardless of the designation — to express their opinions.

What I also like about Allstate is that the company has a relentless focus on employee's long-term growth, which is why they promote a holistic learning environment and encourage employees to participate in multiple activities. From the numerous CSR activities, such as visiting old age homes and conducting activities for the elderly, to the numerous events and celebrations at office, such as fashion shows and Republic Day celebrations, I've always had the chance to participate and share a great time with the entire team.

My team has supported me through tough times too. When my migraine issue worsened and I requested to be shifted from the night to the day shift, each and every team member, including the new day-shift team members were supportive, encouraging, and took care of me. Nowhere else have I seen such a healthy and conducive to growth environment. And such initiatives and support only reinstates my belief that I'm indeed in good hands at Allstate.

Now when I end my days with a good workout and by cooking a nice meal (as I love to cook), I feel grateful that Allstate has helped me find the needed work-life balance which a lot of my friends in other companies desire so much. It truly is a good place to work at!

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