Allstate Megastar: Husna Banu Bhatti

Allstate Megastar: Husna Banu Bhatti.

Quality Specialist, ASPL India

Being the pampered child of a single parent, I never had to ask twice for anything. Even though life wasn't always rosy, my father made sure to provide a strong foundation on which my dreams of a bright future would get a chance to build their home.

After completing my education from Pune, I ventured into the corporate world that took me around the world. But my heart stayed closer to home even as my work engagement grew; first with a leading Indian tech MNC between 2009 and 2015 and then with a major telecom giant in the UK.

I started looking for a job opportunity closer to home and, during the Spring of 2017, I found Allstate. I joined the organization in Pune as a Quality Specialist on 15th June 2017.

Before joining the India center, I knew about Allstate's business in the US and Canada and my impression about it was that Allstate was one of the largest insurance companies. I was pleased to see the Indian outfit share the same world-class work culture of the West and provide the best of both worlds experience i.e. Great Place to Work in India and Insurance business experience from the home markets.

Soon I realized, Allstate India puts utmost care in focusing on employees' long-term growth while delivering on the company's shared purpose and business goals. There is never a dull moment inside our offices and the workplace is always abuzz with energy and excitement.

One can expect to be a part of various programs that empower employees to constantly evolve, grow, and conquer bigger milestones. I was part of one such program called the "Train The Trainer" workshop which helped me upskill and become a certified trainer. Alongside my daily duties as a Quality Specialist, I get to train newcomers and get them accustomed to the work ethics at Allstate — an effort that has not gone unnoticed by the organization. The hard work put in by my team has been appreciated by the home office time and again, fueling us to continuously better our performance. Besides verbal appreciation, I was also conferred with the 'Spirit of Service' award.

All my life, I have been inspired by the life and works of Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad and particularly his views on healthy work-life balance. So, whenever I can, I take a vacation to a far-off place; but never too far away from my family, some of whom are in Kenya. I guess the travel bug in me always finds a way to put my life into perspective and the work-life balance at Allstate ensures that I never miss out on the good things in life.

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