Allstate Megastar: Kunal Gupta

Kunal Gup[ta.

Product Manager, ASPL

Born and brought up in Bhopal, I pursued my education in my hometown. I always knew where I saw myself five years from any point in time. I was and still am constantly driven to find ways and opportunities to meet my goals and make it big. Therefore, following my graduation, I moved to Bangalore in 2006 and joined Accenture as an Analyst Programmer. My career took a turn when I joined Allstate in 2013 as a Senior Team Lead. I worked with a team of 10 highly skilled resources and was involved in drafting their goals and conducting performing appraisals. Which, in turn, opened up a lot more possibilities and challenges that were exciting and quite encouraging to overcome. I changed the trajectory of my career as a Product Manager by leveraging the Internal Job Posting system of Allstate India and moved to Allstate's CompoZed Labs in 2017 - a global network of Agile development. I was encouraged by my co-workers and senior leaders to explore new opportunities by filling in the requirement.

Kunal Gupta standing with his teammates.

Thanks to the work and my team, I have improved my decision-making skills and have grown as a team player. My team consists of developers and designers which allows me to work very closely with multiple key partners. I have one on one conversations with our agents so to have a better grasp on their needs. In this role, I have learnt not just to build and test a feature, but to empathize with the end-user, the mediator and the implementor. I have worked on developing both internal products and agency centric apps. The latter also became 'The Product of the Year' in 2019.

Apart from providing me with the space to grow as a professional, Allstate also gave me various opportunities to polish my co-curricular skills. I was able to join the Cultural Committee in 2017 & participate in organizing yearly celebrations. As part of Allstate's Global Learning Week, I also presented a session on Design Thinking. In the same year, I won the 'Learning Champion Award' and my team received the 'Most Learning focused team of Allstate' award. Ever since, I have started setting learning goals for myself & have successfully met them as well. I drive extreme satisfaction when my work is respected and appreciated. This has helped me and my team to emerge as a recipient of 'Thanks A Zillion Reward' in Q3 in 2019.

As a team, we direct all our outputs to serve our customers better, build long term growth platforms and grow the customer base. My mentors- Vijayakumar Kasandi, Sujoy Kumar Basrur Ananth and Zameer Ahmed Delhve have enlightened me on leadership skills. I would also like to give a huge shout out to Victoria Donnellan, Technology Integration Manager from Charlotte, without whose guidance we would not have been able to succeed.

My team, my constant support and helping hands, consists of Jeetendar Singh Suraj, Pankaj Maurya, Medha Jaiswal, Madhukar Dara Ramaiah, Himanshu Kumar, Tarun Panwar, Thirupathi Muniswamy, Shruthi Udaya Kumar, Satyajit Vijay Apte and Hemasundaranaidu Mummaneni. All of us work hand in hand and provide each other with every possible aid in our control.

Besides work, I immensely enjoy travelling and am a massive movie fanatic. Going for long rides with my family brings so much satisfaction and bliss to me. Irrespective of how my responsibilities pan out, Allstate ensures the perfect work-life balance and for that, I am grateful that I made the best decision of my life with Allstate. I am truly, in Good Hands!