Allstate Megastar: Lalit Killdedar

Lalit Killdedar.

Product Manager, ASPL

I completed my MBA in HRPM (Human Resource & personal Management) from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies and throughout my studies I have always excelled in academics. I was an athlete in school and played state and national level basketball and volleyball. I thought I was the best until I landed a job with Allstate in 2015 and got an opportunity to work with the best.

At Allstate, we have a shared purpose and our teams in India are seen as strong delivery partners for the insurance business in the US. This is evident in the way the company empowers its employees to accelerate and take greater ownership and pride.

I joined Allstate at analyst level in the reporting team, within the operations department in Pune. Over the years, I graduated to being a process trainer and now I am a specialist with the same team.

Allstate has some of the best learning practices in the industry and we have received awards for the same. I have been able to scale up my knowledge, skills and expertise and avail certification benefits at Allstate. I am also an auxiliary trainer for leadership and learning development and this has not just helped me achieve all-round development and well-being but also help others learn and grow.

I have never been too much of a workaholic but again I would not know what it is like to be managing time without work. But when I do need a break, I hit the gym and pedal through untraveled paths and listen to Sadhguru. My healthy, holistic lifestyle finds essence in his words, "People have come to the conclusion that body means pain. And yet, with just the right food, habits and a little change in attitude, this body can become a miracle."

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