Allstate Megastar: Madhuri Kholiya

Madhuri Kholiya.

Associate - Operations, ASPL India

I was born and raised in Pune, in a big family with five other siblings. Coming from such a diverse background, networking and adapting to a family as big as Allstate comes to me as second nature. Although my Allstate journey started in 2017 when I joined as an Associate, it feels like I was always meant to be here. I work with a team of underwriters, agents and trainers who are always looking out for me whenever I need help. We work on life and retirement policies. My biggest takeaway from these opportunities has been the skill of empathising; with the needs of each and every step of the complete mechanism.

In Pune, our team is led by Jaffar Shaikh and Imran Ansari, who have been great mentors to not just me, but the whole team. Our onshore trainer, Irina Chirinos has been our guiding light and the go-to-person in case of any query. We work on documents that require updates on the systems. Every employee at Allstate plays a vital role to ensure that our customers are always in good hands. This guarantees that we work together and everything is interrelated that caters to our company's goals.

Madhuri Kholiya standing with her teammates.

Knowing that my work directly impacts the customers, it encourages me to put in my 100% each day. Since every requirement is different, it creates an extraordinary opportunity for us to learn more about the domain. I have been cross-trained on a number of processes that my team performs alongside Chetana Gapate, Vishal Pradhan, Milind Baderao and Aniket Sonawane and others. This has helped me shape my aspirations for future roles within the organisation through internal job postings.

It's been a great journey that has enhanced my skills in the US insurance domain. Working with multiple teams across the globe has given me confidence. At Allstate along with my work, I also get to participate in extracurricular activities like Dress Your Boss, Allstate Book of Records and thus our work-life balance is maintained. Other than work we are also appreciated for the essence we carry to the workplace as an individual. Being a Philotherian, my love for animals has always taken over my innate nature to socialise. I am a professional canine trainer, and in my spare time, I like researching new methods and techniques employed to train dogs. I look forward to doing some rescue work as well.