Allstate Megastar: Mahesh Mali

Allstate Megastar: Mahesh Mali.

Manager, ASPL India

All I ever wanted was to be content in life and to be duly appreciated for my hard work.

Right after completing my studies, I had the opportunity to work in Germany and then in Bangalore. But I knew my soul was rooted in Maharashtra as I come from Miraj. So, I finally gave into my homesickness and decided to return to my roots in 2014. That's when I heard that Allstate, one of India's top non-domestic Banking and Financial Technology and Services employers, was opening up its office in Pune.

Initially I was unsure about joining the firm, but I took a calculated risk and jumped right in. And soon I realized that the rewards I had signed up for much greater. From the moment I joined, I understood that the company truly favors long-term growth and has the right focus as doors to newer opportunities opened up for me. Allstate became the North Star for my career endeavors. I got the rare opportunity to be mentored by my seniors, such as Anil Kumar Pandurangrao. I built my team from scratch and this is what changed my whole perspective about life. Earlier, I had never gotten a chance to work hands-on with the production support team, but at Allstate, I got delve in that sector as well. It is safe to say that no stone of possibility was left unturned in my journey so far at Allstate.

Allstate pays heed to each and every idea on the table without prejudices. In 2016, along with two other colleagues, I initiated the launch of the Toastmasters' Club, Pune. This gave the members a chance to polish their language skills which helpful when working with our counterparts in the US.

All in all, my journey at Allstate so far has been a fruitful and enriching one. From my humble beginning I learned that, being content in life is the most treasured virtue of all. From the experience that I have gathered over the years, I have come to realize that being affluent is not synonymous to being happy. The essence of true happiness hides in the little joys of everyday life. A place that appreciates and acknowledges my hard work is the ideal place for my talents to thrive and I am fortunate enough that Allstate is that 'happy and great workplace place' for me.

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