Allstate Megastar: Meghan N.P.

Allstate Megastar: Meghan N.P.

Product Manager, ASPL

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish."

This quote, made famous by the stellar entrepreneur Steve Jobs, has been the driving force behind everything I have achieved till now. Fueling the hunger to accomplish more in life and having the courage to overcome the most difficult of challenges were my own apprehensions and self-motivation at the time of joining Allstate in 2017.

Hailing from the industrial city of Tumkur, I got into Allstate through campus selection. I was ecstatic as I was one of the 5 people selected to join Allstate. On my very first day here, I was happily surprised to see that my team was so approachable and there were so many new things for me to learn.

When I joined the company, I was the youngest in my team, but that didn't stop me from contributing to team debates and discussions. The ideas I put forward, however bizarre they sounded at first, were dealt with care.

My teammates not only guided me with the daily tasks but also helped me understand our business in the US and the importance of insurance business knowledge. This really boosted my confidence.

At Allstate, we make it a habit to help our budding talent and duly appreciate their hard work. And that is not all. I have been a part of several cultural activities all throughout my student life and I never missed an opportunity to be a part of the cultural endeavors in Allstate.

I was happy to be a part of a fashion show last year in the office. I was also excited to host a department level event last month. In my experience I can confidently say that Allstate pays heed to the holistic development of its employees by organizing a number of cultural events.

Working at Allstate lets me have a meaningful career that provides me the best of both worlds –learning from the home market and enjoying great company status in India, all the while maintaining a good work-life balance. So, whenever I get a break from my work schedule, I pack my bags and go on long rides, amidst nature. On trips like these, I reconnect with my inner self and regale in the tranquility of nature, so that I return to my work schedule with more vigor.

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