Allstate Megastar: Shiba Malbannawar

Senior Team Leader, Operations, Allstate India

#AllstateMegastarsSeason3 Phase 1 stories are about Allstaters going above and beyond during the crisis. The pandemic opened new ways to excel at home and work. Shiba is one of our Megastars for this season and this is her story of living 'Our Shared Purpose'.

Shiba Malbannawar
"Our Shared Purpose is like a guiding light for me in my journey at Allstate. Be it seeking clarity around expectations or challenging ideas and collaborating with teams across the enterprise, living the OSP has helped me excel both at work and outside."
Shiba Malbannawar standing by door.

Shiba is from Rourkela in Odisha and has been with Allstate since 2017

She manages the Risk Management Business Centre (RMBC) - Auto Endorsement team. Her journey at Allstate began in the Policy Administration team from where she transitioned into Underwriting.

The journey with Allstate

Shiba joined Allstate when her husband and now fellow-Allstater Kashinath Malbannawar suggested she explore an opportunity with the organization.

Shiba Malbannawar and husband.
Shiba Malbannawar standing by door.

And the baby arrives

In 2019, Kashinath and I, found out we were soon going to be parents. My team and my managers supported me throughout my pregnancy. It helped me stay healthy and be productive at work.

Shiba resumed work in early 2020 with the pandemic at its peak

"Starting to WFH after the maternity break felt like a big deal. Getting my team to be one of the early adopters of remote working under the Business Continuity plan was my first challenge."

Shiba Malbannawar holding child in the office chair.

Shiba got an opportunity to organize AIDA training — an insurance domain course — for her team.

She took initiative and did so not just for her team but other service areas too which kept fellow teammates meaningfully engaged. In addition, in 2021 Shiba reviewed all the referrals that her team worked on and eliminated unwanted processes bringing in $30,000 worth of savings during the year.

Shiba Malbannawar with co-workers.

Shiba's team posing for an event

"In 2021, I got promoted from team leader to senior team leader and now I single-handedly manage my team."

Shiba didn't stop there and continues to take on more activities that help her team meet SLAs, bring in process improvements and keep the general team sentiment up even during remote working. When she is not working, she reads entertainment magazines, plays with her daughter besides home-schooling her.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and the community plays an important role in shaping the way it is raised.

"With the unexpected social distancing norms, I turned to the virtual world to solve all my challenges! I watched many 'how-to' videos and read articles and followed all instructions I received from my mother on video calls on how to be prepared for the arrival of our baby."

Shiba Malbannawar poses with her husband.
Shiba Malbannawar outside holding her bag.
Shiba Malbannawarand her daughter.

"Not only did I draw information from online channels, I also mastered the art! If there is anybody in the family way in my team, they come to me for advice and guidance and I am more than happy to share all what I know about delivery, bringing up a child and parenting."

About #AllstateMegastars

The Allstate Megastars campaign seeks to reinforce the company EVP and build employee advocacy. In its third season — phase 1, Megastars 2021 focuses on the theme of new norms of work-life harmony and 'Our Shared Purpose'. Through real-life employee stories, the campaign shows how Allstate India continues to be a great place to work and to uphold its values even during the crisis.

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