Allstate Megastar: Shilpy Dhyani

Shilpy Dhyani.

Senior Team Lead — Litigation, ASPL

Growing up in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh, a city with an elaborate history and heritage, I was always curious about the in-depth details and intricacy of things. When I first moved to Pune I faced a few barriers while adjusting to the fast pace of the city. Since then I've moved on to handling challenges head-on and winning over the barriers. I have an overall experience of 10+ years in the field of insurance. I started as a fresher in EXL in 2009 and by the time I left the firm I was leading a team of 32 associates.

My Allstate journey began in the year 2014 as a team lead. As soon as I joined Allstate, I felt how different it was from all other workplaces. I was given a lot of freedom to explore and make this space my own. It's been a learning journey. After spending two years as a part of the Claims team, I moved to the Litigation department. This was a turning point in my career as I started collaborating directly with onshore partners. A special shout out goes to my mentors in Pune who have been a source of unwavering support, Sushmita Gulati and Srividya Subramanyam. Without them, my Allstate journey would't have been the same.

In the litigation team, the documentation process directly impacts the customer. We started with a small team in 2018 and now grown 10X in size. We have never missed a deadline. Which allowed us to gain the trust and confidence of our partners, I would like to thank David Killen (Chicago) & Christine Spinasanta (Arizona) for their constant support and guidance. At Allstate, we are constantly upskilling ourselves. One of the training programs that has impacted me in remarkable ways is Lead from the Front. This program taught me all aspects of how to be a good leader and how to have an optimum level of emotional intelligence.

Shilpy Dhyani standing with her teammates.

In the picture: Anand Bhange, Savita Teware, Pooja Vaidya, Mayuri Kashid, Ketan Thube, Utkarsh Kapoor, Deepika Rawat, Swati Bhende, Preeti Singh, Harshal Ghate, Neha Shaikh, Debakalyan Jena, Mukti Shah, Rajshree Patil, Manisha Mohanty, Usha Bhutale, Kalyani Bhosale, Medithi Esther Benson, Letgoulen Misao, Reshama Andhale, Veronica Mhankale, Joy Bell, Mohmed Fasiuddin, Rohan More, Paresh Bandewar, Pooja Dangat, Ratnadeep Chenigund, Nitesh Narayan Dafe, Jayeshri Santosh Chaudhari, Deepali Bharat Sutar, Allwyn Xavier Sunny, Mayuri Sambhaji Bhosale, Kumari Anju Rani, Gazala Tanveer Shaikh, Komal Bhagwat, Gautam Joshi

My team members have been my pillars of success and deserve all the credit for demonstrating effective teamwork and collaboration through thick and thin. To conclude, a great team, amazing mentors and the opportunity to learn has helped me align my individual goals better with Allstate's objectives that guarantee outstanding quality, effortless customer experience and operational excellence.

Shilpy Dhyani standing with her teammates on stage.

Dance is my passion and I love socializing with people. Organizing events and hosting parties come naturally to me. At Allstate, I have had the opportunity to be a part of the Annual Day organizing committee for the past few years and this has helped me collaborate with colleagues across different teams. Nothing brings me more satisfaction and fulfilment than striking a good balance between work and co-curricular activities. I sincerely believe that learning doesn't stop anywhere, and Allstate has given me the ideal platform to look for new opportunities to expand my knowledge.