Allstate Megastar: Sidhu Manickam

Sidhu Manickam.

Product Manager, ASPL India

Dean Lefiingwell, creator of the SAFe(R), has been the Northern Star of my career. He is also one of the foremost authorities on Lean-Agile best practices. His life and work motivates me to dream of creating a new framework that would help multiple industries with technical agility. His business sense resonates with my own, when he says, "Agility isn't an option, or a thing just for teams, it is a business imperative."

After getting my B. Tech degree from my hometown in Tamil Nadu and an MBA from Manipal University, I started my career with a global management consulting and professional services firm in Bangalore, where I worked for 5 years before joining a tech giant in 2016.

I had heard about Allstate and I knew that it was one of the largest insurance providers in the US. When Allstate started strengthening their technology and operations footprint in India, I started to frequently scan the web for opportunities with Allstate in Bangalore. I got a chance in August 2017 and within no time, I was a part of the India PMO team where I manage projects as an AGILE Scrum Master today.

It finally felt like I was in the right place, a place where there is always so much to learn and do. After joining Allstate, I was able to earn new certifications, including SAFe SASM and SAFe POPM. And this environment of learning has boosted the core value of my life — that there is no right time for starting something new. The guidance of qualified internal trainers for grooming our soft skills enables us to get the work done with increased precision.

I enjoy the benefits of working in a world-class environment where I not just learn from our business in the home market but also from everyone around me. We are a company with a shared purpose and delivering business goals from India is an exciting proposition that keeps me going. Working in a high powered environment has its advantages. The organization doesn't just treat employees as mere employees, but looks at them as future leaders and grooms them with the same mindset. It is because of this mindset and opportunities that I also see the reflection of a future leader in myself.

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