Allstate Megastar: Swetha Kumari B M

Senior Lead Consultant, PMO, ASPL India

#AllstateMegastarsSeason3 Phase 1 stories are about Allstaters going above and beyond during the crisis. The pandemic opened new ways to excel at home and work. Swetha is one of our Megastars for this season and this is her story of living 'Our Shared Purpose'.

Swetha Kumari
"To me Our Shared Purpose is a way of life. By giving and receiving feedback, leading with clarity and collaborating with peers around the world, I am on a constant high and loving it."

"In 2020, I felt like an earthquake struck me. Allstate announced total work-from-home. Being home full-time is a mean task for a social and outdoorsy person like me."

Meet Swetha Kumari — she plays a doting Mom and wife on the home stage and an efficient Scrum Master leading three teams on the professional. "From a quality analyst in 2012 to Senior LeadConsultant in 2021, Allstate has given me growth and friends for life."

"A month back I transitioned to the Allstate Roadside Services team. I am quite excited about my new stint. I came a long way since I joined, from test engineer, data analyst to team leader and product manager."

2020 was a tough year and not just for Swetha. Always dependent on her cook, she took to the kitchen out of choice. "I couldn't cook for nuts. But by the time the second wave hit, I had become an expert."

Swetha on an outdoor day with her team in pre-pandemic times.

Swetha on an outdoor day with her team in pre-pandemic times.

Swetha with her girl gang on a traditional day celebration in office.

Swetha with her girl gang on a traditional day celebration in office

"I believe one can truly be considered successful only if they are doing great in both, their professional as well as personal lives. So I knew I had to make it work and more."

Swetha joined a volunteer group to cook special protein-rich diet for COVID positive patients in her community and also to organize ambulances on-demand.

At work she oversaw the transformation project of the Waterfall to Agile methodology and implemented process and framework. "Not only a technology or methodology change but it also meant bringing about mindset change towards Agile which was tough but I did it."

This was followed by recognition for Swetha in form of nominations by her manager and team for various internal awards.

But, Swetha needed a stress buster. She took up Yoga and freestyle dancing and also ended up teaching dance virtually to children. "Morning Yoga sessions with my daughter are like my tonic. They keep me refreshed and also are a great way to spend time with her."

"My mother and my daughter are my backbone, supporting me in every way possible. My daughter is all of 10 yet displays great self-sense, allowing me to balance my responsibilities. I've seen her go far beyond her age in this last year and I am so proud of her."

Swetha feels empathy is an essential virtue in becoming a better manager. "My mantra to be more effective is spending 10 minutes every day, organizing priorities to balance my multifaceted responsibilities."

No wonder then that she was one of the 15 women managers chosen for a development program called WINSPIRE and she also led her team to win the Best Team Award 2020 for transition from Waterfall to Agile model.

"I miss physical working. Until things go back to normal, I regularly organize fun events and learning initiatives to keep my team connected."

We wish Swetha continued success at Allstate and all the luck to follow her passions and aspirations.

Swetha posing with her daughter Yuktha.

Swetha posing with her daughter Yuktha.

About #AllstateMegastars

The Allstate Megastars campaign seeks to reinforce the company EVP and build employee advocacy. In its third season — phase 1, Megastars 2021 focuses on the theme of new norms of work-life harmony and 'Our Shared Purpose'. Through real-life employee stories, the campaign shows how Allstate India continues to be a great place to work and to uphold its values even during the crisis.

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