Allstate Megastar: Vaishnavi Bhat

Allstate Megastar: Vaishnavi Bhat.

Senior Consultant, ASPL India

My father would always say that if you can envision your dreams, then the law of attraction will lead you to your destination. I always thought of it as part of some bedtime story, till the day I started seeing my dreams unfurl in front of my eyes.

I spent my childhood in the quaint city of Belgaum but moved to Mumbai in 2012, where I joined an Indian IT consulting MNC. I was a little girl with big dreams in the City of Dreams, my life did a complete 180 degrees and there were times when I felt a little overwhelmed but I soon started loving the fast pace of the city.

In 2017, I found myself staring at an opportunity to work with Allstate. It has been three years since I donned the Allstate badge. I joined Allstate's Production Support Team and diligently worked my way up. Currently, as a Senior Consultant in the Java Development Team, I head a small team of 7-8 people and corroborate coding with teams across locations. The fact that I get to learn from the home market as well makes my work even more exciting.

Our consistent hard work has been applauded with the "Standing Ovation Award", two years in a row. And this recognition in conjunction with constant encouragement by our peers and seniors encourage us to go the extra mile to hold on to that crown.

There are a number of opportunities for fun at work and I have organized various events and taken part in a number of challenges, such as the "Highest Book Borrower Contest" as well as the Weight Loss Challenge.

Allstate gives special attention to holistic development of its employees, my lifelong passion for dancing didn't go unnoticed for long. Since the moment my management team got to know about my passion for dance, not one event has gone by, wherein I haven't had at least one performance. I also got to put my sports background to good use by representing Allstate twice at the Inter-Corporate Volleyball Tournaments. The multiple CSR activities like helping in the cancer-care centers; cleaning and making medical kits; and the best of all, painting school walls in Bangalore in 2018 has enriched my life. I finally feel like I am doing my part in giving back to the society.

I had read somewhere, "Because, in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain." That is why, whenever I get a break at work, I pack my bags and set off to explore new places with my spouse, because I believe that the book of life must be written with the ink of different experiences.

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