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At Allstate, only growth can happen to you

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Recognizing hard work in sincere and personal ways

From meaningful work to a great learning environment, from exposure working with industry leaders to comprehensive rewards & recognition, our work culture has everything to help you succeed.

A trophey.

e-Graceas - Service milestone Awards

Our people celebrate a milestone as we celebrate working with them. In addition to the recognition, the award entitles winners to attend a leadership gala dinner with family.


Megastars is our story telling campaign dedicated to people who are our brand ambassadors.

Season 1, Season 2

High 5 and Thanks a Zillion

Be it Team Work or Standing Ovation, our reward programs ensure good work is recognized all throughout the year.

Year-end rewards

The year-end rewards such as the Reach For the Stars sponsored vacation are special recognition handed out at the end of the year to recognize consistent performance.

Special Occasions

There is never a dull moment with our special rewards right from getting married to welcoming a new born and celebrating longevity.


Thinking of sharing good wishes or congratulating colleagues on their achievements, tag the e-Cards and help spread the good word.

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