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Better customer experience with better decisions

We enable Data Driven Decisions!

Data is central to all human decisions and actions.

Allstate uses its data and analytical capabilities to help its businesses with new insights that enables them to identify ways to create transformational improvement in how we serve our customers.

Allstate India is committed to delivering along the enterprise strategy for leveraging data, by tapping into the rich data analytics talent pool in India, while working the global counterparts across its businesses to deliver best-in-class customer experience.

We are on a growth phase and the teams support a variety of exciting work across the full range of data and analytics functions.

  1. Business Analytics
  2. Digital Analytics
  3. Data Visualization
  4. Data Science and Machine Learning
  5. Natural Language Processing
  6. Data Engineering
  7. Real Time Analytics
  8. Cloud Analytics
  9. Big Data and Hadoop Platforms
  10. Full Stack Development
  11. Actuarial Sciences
  12. Data Modeling
  13. Database Management and ETL functions

Our work supports most of our business domains, from Marketing and Distribution, Operations, Contact Center, Procurement, Underwriting and Claims, Agency functions, Telematics, etc.

An employee analyzing data at his desk.
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