Can Iot de a disrupter in the insurance space?

IoT as a Disrupter in the Insurance

Allstate India | Published Dec. 30, 2021

Let's understand what IoT is. Put simply, IoT is a network of smart devices connected to the internet that can interact with each other. In addition to this, they can also collect and share data about their environment and usage.

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Top cloud computing benefits for insurance companies.

Cloud Computing- Benefits for the Insurance Industry

Allstate India | Published Dec. 2, 2021

For insurance companies, becoming more data-driven and customer-centric is essential for meeting today's ever-evolving business needs.

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Top Use cases for AI ad ML in insurance.

Can #ArtificialIntelligence and #MachineLearning play a vital role in Insurance Industry?

Allstate India | Published Nov. 11, 2021

What makes the adoption of AI and ML important is that these technologies have the potential to better leverage data — both structured and unstructured — to gain timely, actionable insights.

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Will blockchain transform the future of insurance?

Blockchain: A new disruptor in the insurance space?

Allstate India | Published Oct. 21, 2021

Blockchain is an immutable and distributed digital ledger system for recording information. What makes it unique is once a bit of information is recorded in a blockchain, it cannot be erased or tampered with — thereby improving security and trust among users.

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Will the future of insurance be data-driven?

Will the future of Insurance be Data-Driven?

Allstate India | Published Sep. 30, 2021

Following in the footsteps of industries like banking and discrete manufacturing, insurance companies are also turning to data analytics to gain a competitive advantage today.

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Five technologies that are transforming the insurance industry.

Technology is shaping the future of insurance

Allstate India | Published Sep. 16, 2021

Investment in technology — or insurtech — has surged in recent years with insurers focusing on offering innovative products and services to today's tech-savvy generation.

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